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Adoption of Puppy Lisette

Two dogs of very different sizes left the SPA today.

Lisette was one of the pups from the litter of five, her brother Samy was adopted on Saturday. In fact Lisette’s new family met her that day, but decided to think about the implications of adopting a puppy. Yes, it is not to be taken lightly; this puppy will become an adult dog who will rely on its owners for upwards of ten years. That is quite a commitment, so best to think about it first. Besides which, this thinking time meant that Laslo was not alone all day yesterday. He is alone now, however, so it is fingers crossed that he finds a home this week.

black and tan pup

Lisette – ADOPTED

And on the big dog front, Saturday’s arrival, a beautiful Pyrenean mountain dog whom we named Jaqin, but who is really called Diesel, was reclaimed today. Of course he is now identified, so should he ever go walkabout again, his owners will be easier to contact.

pyrenean mountain dog

“Jaqin” aka Diesel – RECLAIMED

So that is all the news for now, but there is more good news on the horizon this week for sure.

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