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Adoption of Puppy Marcus

Today was a wonderful day for little Marcus, who finally found a home. This little pup was the first one of his litter to be adopted in November, but he was brought in for rehoming at the start of the month as he was being a puppy. Yes, that might be a stupid thing to say, but when puppies and children mix in an unsupervised manner, problems can arise. As we soon realised, Marcus is not a problem dog, just a young one.

His new family came to look for a companion for their dog, and initially they expected to adopt Lafille, the gorgeous sharpei cross who is waiting for a home. However it was Marcus who stole their heart. He is a great little lad, full of life and mischief, like most pups. His family (and yes, they do have children, but dog-savvy ones!) returned to make sure Marcus would be fine with their dog, and he was reserved pending castration, which took place today. He left with a big smile on his face and we are sure he will be very happy. At last.

black spaniel puppy

Marcus – ADOPTED

The beautiful setter Mecano, who arrived at the SPA eight days ago was reclaimed. It was a close call, another two days and this boy’s pound time would have been up. And looking like he does, we are sure he would not have had long to wait.

English setter


It was a lovely sunny day but it is due to be very cold overnight, so we are happy that two more lovely dogs are out of the refuge. If you are somewhere warm and cosy tonight, please spare a thought for those who are not, be they human or canine.


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