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Adoption of Puppy Napoleon

Today saw the departure of lovely pup Napoleon. If you remember the recently adopted French bulldog, Laika, and her shih-tzu friend, Happy? Well this is the third of the trio. Their owner was no longer able to look after her dogs and they were brought in for rehoming. Napoloen is the last to leave, but there is no need to feel sorry for him. He has not been at the SPA all this time, and in a way he is extra lucky, as he was taken into foster by malinois-loving volunteer Stephanie. She recently fostered malinois puppy Nikita, and hopes one day to welcome adult malinois Isidor into her home permanently. Today her second tour of duty as a foster mum is complete.

Stephanie chose the family carefully; Napoleon will be a very active and intelligent adult, and it is important to find a family who is right for the adult dog, not just the cute playful puppy that he is right now. Napoloeon’s new family are sporty, going for regular runs, as well as having a young child. So this young chap will have plenty of activities to keep him busy. Many thanks to Stephanie for looking after this little lad.

malinois pup

Napoleon – ADOPTED Many thanks to foster mum Stephanie

We had a couple of reservations, including several of the new pups. Needless to say we are hoping for a better week than the last couple have been.

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