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Adoption of puppy Nappo

When two pups arrive together we are always really pleased when they are adopted within a few days of each other.

On Saturday puppy Nell left with his new mum Wendy and yesterday puppy Nappo left with his new family too!

These pups had just over the 10 days pound time to wait for a family and that is how we like it with pups. At three months old these pups needed to be out and about, meeting new people, nice dogs, other animals and having great positive experiences. This socialisation window can determine how your dog reacts to all of these things in the future so its well worth the time and effort to take advantage of this.

We do have another puppy looking fie a home.  Puppy Mimi , a 7 month old female griffon x is an absolute delight!  Our griffons are very popular with British adopters who seem to love the scruffy hair and big brown eyes.

Cute though they may be, puppies are lots of work but if a puppy is not what you are looking for how about Tia , a 7 year old really affectionate spaniel who is great with other dogs , cats and children. Poor Tia was abandoned as her owner became ill, a story that we are hearing more and more of.

We have all noticed the increase of in number of older dos whose owners have either died, gone into care of have become ill and cant care for them. These oldies who have been in a home all of their life are confused and dis oriented at finding themselves in a busy refuge and just as we hate seeing pups at the refuge we hate seeing oldies too.

So whether you would like a pup, a senior or an adolescent we have over 100 dogs and there is bound to be one for you…come along and visit us anytime Monday – Saturday 2-6pm!

Dont forget that tomorrow is a public holiday in France and we are closed. We will be open as usual on Friday.

Nappo adopted!

Puppy Mimi needs a home..

Tia needs a home..


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