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Adoption of puppy Nell

Just one adoption today, that of puppy Nell. He was spotted online by Wendy and her husband and although they had a three hour journey to meet and adopt him, they are sure that it was worth while. Nell is a great looking puppy, who arrived with brother Nappo ten days ago. Apparently their dad was a labrador and their mum a shepherd, and it looks like these two pups will be stunning adults.
We hope that Nappo will not have long at the SPA before finding his new home too, and in the meantime we thank Wendy and her husband for offering a fabulous life to Nell.

We had a new arrival and we want to tell you about her as soon as possible, because she could just be the dream dog you are looking for.

Tia was born in 2010, so she is a calm dog, of medium size and with impeccable credentials. Okay with other dogs, cats and children, and even with chickens, providing they stand their ground! She is only at the SPA due to her owner’s illness, and seems perfect in every way (unless you are a nervous chicken). So definitely one to watch!

puppy in arms of family









Brother Nappo still waits

beige puppy










Tia looking for a new home

spaniel cross

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