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Adoption of puppy Nougatine and papy Boomer is reclaimed.

Another of our little pups was adopted today; little Nougatine finally left the refuge, and although several of her siblings are still waiting for new homes, we hope that they, as well as all the other pups, will soon be on their way.

spaniel cross puppy

Nougatine – ADOPTED

Today’s other news is the departure of Boomer, aka Perlou. This very elderly Beauceron cross arrived last week, courtesy of the police municipal, as his owner had been taken to hospital. The police didn’t know the owner’s name, and the dog was not identified, so all we could do was wait and hope that someone got in touch.

As it turned out, the dog did not belong to the elderly “owner”at all, but to his daughter. She had left her dog in her father’s care for a couple of days. When she got home and was unable to get in touch with her father, she contacted the police who passed on the news. Naturally her father’s health was her first priority, but today she hot footed it to the refuge to collect Boomer.

Boomer has been living in the office area and has had the freedom to trot around the refuge, where he has proved to be a true gentleman. We are so glad that he has gone home again, and hope that the same is soon true of his owner’s dad.

big beauceron cross

Thirteen year old Boomer – RECLAIMED


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