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Adoption of Puppy Pippin

Today saw the adoption of little Pippin, a puppy who arrived a just over two months ago together with his brother Merry (yes, the ScPA was on a bit of a Lord of the Rings kick at the time, and the latest puppy arrival, Gimli, is further proof).

The pups had ringworm, which is a contagious though not dangerous skin disease. This sadly meant that they spent several weeks in isolation. Although of course two pups together is hardly isolation. Plus of course they had as much human interaction as was practical, bearing in mind it was crucial to not pass the complaint onto the other animals.

black puppy

Pippin – ADOPTED

It was only last week that they were visible at the refuge and available for adoption, so it is wonderful that Pippin, the all black pup, has a home. We are hopeful that Merry won’t have long to wait, either. We hate it when pups grow up at the refuge. Today ex-puppy Freddy is ten days away from his first birthday….He arrived when he was a baby, and is still waiting for a home. It is heartbreaking. When will his turn finally come?

black dog

Freddy was a puppy but is still waiting

On the subject of spending a long time at the ScPA, tomorrow we will have big news of a departure. No spoilers, but let’s just say that this dog is one of Moira’s favourites, and yours truly is going to be getting up in the wee small hours again to see him on his way!

Watch this space!

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