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Adoption of Puppy Polly.

Well, unfurl the flags, today we had an adoption! Little Polly (aka Hippolyte) left for her new home, directly from her foster mum.

Polly was one of the four extremely nervous pups who were found and brought to the SPA in early June. Sameer and Antiope were adopted directly from the SPA, leaving brother Zeus behind (but not alone, don’t worry, he has puppy Noe for company as well as other small adult dogs). But lucky Polly went home with Shirley for some at home socialisation. And it was thanks to Shirley that Polly found her home, as a couple who already attend dog training at the Club Canin Azille  with their girl, Manon, came to meet Polly last weekend and fell in love.

The paperwork was completed yesterday, and today Polly said goodbye to Shirley and set off for her new life. In between she also spent a few days with Isa. All of this helped with her socialisation, although there is still work to be done, of course. But Polly’s new family is well aware of this and of course Shirley is always there to help.

As Polly was not physically at the SPA, her departure does not make any room, and we have to say that there are far more dogs coming in than leaving right now. Let’s hope things pick up soon, there is a lot of summer still ahead of us.

Polly (aka Hippolyte) ADOPTED 

Family in sun with 2 dogs

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