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Adoption of Puppy Popy

It was another fabulously sunny day today, and it brought a new home to a very lucky puppy.

Popy and his 2 pals were brought to the ScPA towards the end of January following a phone call from the Mairie of a nearby village. As was the case with the seven dogs brought in last August (Trudy and Billy, who have just left for Animal Trust were two of them, and Mattie was adopted last year), the dogs’ owner had simply moved house, leaving the dogs alone. And this time the dogs were inside, so it is just as well that someone intervened! When they were rescued they had already been alone for between 2 and 3 weeks.

The wheels of justice can turn very slowly at times, but it was not too bad this time, as a couple of weeks ago, the ScPA was given permission to rehome the dogs.

Popy is the first to leave, he was only two months old when he arrived, so it is great that he can enjoy the rest of his puppyhood in a loving home. His new family has four children and a house surrounded by vines. He is going to be a very happy little lad, we are sure.

We hope that Pomy and Poma won’t have too long to wait either, but tonight we say huge thanks to Popy’s new family and look forward to news, of course!

beige puppy lying in basket


shepherd cross

Pomy needs a home too. She is only 2 years old

border collie

And this is Poma, she is 3.

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