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Adoption of puppy Toto…

It was late last night when i heard of Puppy Toto’s adoption so I thought that i would just mention it in tonight’s blog. Toto hadn’t even got a photo album so he was a very lucky lad to be snapped up so quickly.

Toto adopted!

I was really hoping that I would be adding this news to some more adoption news today but no, today all eyes and interest were on Elliot, our newly arrived Dalmatian.

Within minutes of him appearing on the SPA facebook pages our message box was pinging with lots of interested adopters.  One lucky family came along and met him today so he is reserved and will be leaving very shortly.

It always amazes me how quickly ‘pedigree’ dogs are adopted and why!  I totally understand that lovers of certain breeds hate to see that breed in rescue. Pure Labs, Flatcoats, Dalmations, French Bulldogs always have lots of interest but not as much as Cairn, Westies or Scotties. We could re home these terriers over and over again!

We are always careful with these adoptions and try and ensure that the prospective owners are breed lovers rather than someone wanting a status dog.

Elliot is a lucky boy. He will soon be of to his new home, lets hope that some of our other 100+ dogs catch prospective adopters eyes.




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