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Adoption of Rambo and catch up on Laika

Today a very lucky little old man left the refuge for a new home. Rambo arrived last week following the death of his owner. Tragedies like this do happen and are particularly sad when, as well as the family, dogs are also often left in mourning. Plus in many cases, in their grief dogs are often uprooted and left homeless. Such was the case with Rambo, who, at 13 years old and with a heart murmur, was brought to the ScPA. It is easy to criticise family members at this point, but not everyone is able or willing to take on a dog, and in fact Rambo’s “sister”, a much larger dog, was offered a home. But how would Rambo fare? Well, very nicely as it turns out.

Rambo is a bright and perky lad who gets on with other dogs and cats. Yes, he does have some health issues, and has a treatment for life, but there was no reason at all why this little lad couldn’t be rehomed just like any other senior dog. And today, less than a week after arriving, Rambo’s new life has begun.

He has gone to live with two other dogs and two cats with Bev and Phil, a family who is well known to us at DRC. We are already in regular contact as one of their dogs happens to be my dog Bella’s puppy, with whom she was abandoned over 9 years ago. Bev and Phil adore animals and Rambo, now renamed Bramble, is sure to be very happy.

Rambo (with new “dad” Phil) – ADOPTED

There is also another adoption to catch up on, and this one took place on Monday, so apologies for the late news. It would have been better to have caught up yesterday, actually, as the lucky dog was another of our Black Beauties!

Laika, a young shepherd cross, was brought in by her owner for rehoming at the end of July. Although it took a while for her to get noticed (a common problem for black dogs) her wait was not a long one. Moreover she has a wonderful home and this is all just before reaching her first birthday. Her 2 months wait for the right home will soon be forgotten, we are sure.

black dog

Laika – ADOPTED (2 days ago)

Let’s hope for more adoption news tomorrow!

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