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Adoption of Regis

Today we said a happy farewell to black labrador Regis. He arrived in mid November last year and has been a real gent during his short stay at the refuge. Having a greying muzzle, this lad could have been passed over by the casual visitor looking for a young dog. In fact he only three years old, just a very distinguished boy! Who knows how long he would have waited at the refuge (you know how it goes with black dogs!), had a friend of one of our volunteers not been looking for a new canine companion. He asked for a list of suitable dogs (okay with children and cats!) and came along to the refuge to meet the possible candidates.

This is an ideal way to select a dog, as it can be quite overwhelming, visiting all the kennels and hoping that you make the right choice. Taking advice, especially from someone who knows the dogs well (or who themselves asks for advice) is a great way to find the right dog for you.

A very happy Regis left for his new home today and we look forward to lots of news and photos from his family, who were every bit as excited as he was!

black lab on blanket

Regis (now renamed Pif) – ADOPTED and already making himself at home!

In not-such good news, sadly today saw the return of Paco, after just 3 days. Not the fault of the dog, just a bad owner/dog match. New dogs arrive on a daily basis, and sometimes it is better to wait a bit longer for the right one. Paco was very upset when he was brought in for rehoming the first time, and we hope this new set-back does not cause him too much distress. On the plus side, (if there is one), quite a few people only seem to have noticed Paco’s handsome physique since he was adopted. So now he could be yours! Anyone looking for a stumpy sharpei? Paco is a lovely dog, lively and affectionate, good with other dog and cats and housetrained. Let’s find him the right home soon!

Paco is back

We had two other leavers today; the two rabbits, Buggs and Bunny, whose photos were only put on line yesterday. They have been homed together, but don’t worry about the obvious, as a visit to the vet awaits!

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