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Adoption of Reglisse and news of Helda…

When we mentioned that the three pups Othello, Only and Oslo had been adopted yesterday we never said that we also had their mum at the ScPA too!

However she didnt have a long wait and today she left for a great new life and as she has now been sterilised there will certainly be no more unwanted pups!

Reglisse adopted!

We also had news of how Helda was setting down.  It is a big change for this girl who has never lived inside. She chose to lie on her comfy new bed by the door. She will soon follow the other family dog Atlas and realise how much nicer it is indoor to outdoors!

She also had a visit to the beach today, everything is a first time experience for this girl  but she is in very safe hands!

Helda – on her beach walk.

When a dog is adopted it can be very worried, especially if the new home is very different from the last. First of all it is full of adrenaline and wonders if this is somewhere it can be safe. It can take a good few weeks before it begins to relax and appreciate its new life. Routine and consistency work wonders and of course love and patience!

We really do love getting news of our dogs after adoption and don’t forget that we can advise should you encounter any settling in problems too!

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