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Adoption of Roki

Today was bright and sunny and all the more so because there was an adoption!

Beautiful young beauceron Roki was brought to the ScPA for rehoming in mid October and he really was as his former owners described. Good with other dogs, good with cats, good with children and even fine on the lead. But he is a big dog, and as we know all too well, in general smaller dogs find it easier to find homes.

Today however, Roki’s time at at the refuge is over. A family came to meet him yesterday and he was just what they were looking for. Great news for this fabulous dog. We look forward to news and photos, of course, as we do with all our dogs.

big black and tan dog


In other news, Bandi, a young crossbreed with medical issues who was found tied up is now safe at the refuge. His owners should have followed the example of Rocky’s owners; if you really need to rehome your dog, please do so responsibly. Leaving a dog tied up to be found (or not) is just not acceptable. Bandi deserved better and we will do our best to make sure he finds better!

black and brown dog lying down

Bandi sleeping peacefully at the refuge after being tied up and left.

There is another adoption planned tomorrow, and it is another good one (yes, I know, they are ALL good). So see you soon!

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