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Adoption of Roosevelt…

Today two dogs left the SPA and one returned.  The first to leave was Roosevelt an 11 year old boy who found himself at the SPA after his owner suddenly died. The SPA is a scary place for oldies and we are always grateful when a family either adopt or foster an older dog.

The next to leave was a large Newfoundland. Its always a relief when we can track down owners or if they call to ask if we have their dog. If he hadn’t been reclaimed I am sure he wouldn’t have had a long stay as he certainly was a stunner but I bet that he is very relieved to be home tonight.

Today Levis came back as he just couldn’t settle living in an apartment in Paris. With every failed adoption, we gain a little more knowledge about a dog and can better advise any future potential adopters.

I am sure that I am not the only person who has noticed that grass seeds seem to be everywhere already. Grass seeds can enter eyes, ears, noses, and any other orifice you can think of. They can even work their way into the body via the skin, carrying infection which can cause a painful swelling. This in turn can cause an abscess which can be fatal.

Please remember to check your dog regularly for seeds that may be wedged, and remove them before they can do any damage. Usually they can be felt and removed by hand, and a good brushing after each walk can help. However, if they are in the ear canal, nose or eye, a trip to the vet is usually required.

Signs to look out for are frequent shaking of the head and scratching (if grass seed in ear), licking and chewing of the area (if on the body), sneezing often accompanied by blood (grass seed in the nasal passage), squinting or rubbing along with swelling (grass seed in the eye).

My dogs are short haired so they are quite easily spotted but on longer haired dogs they can do quite a bit of damage before being discovered.

Roosevelt adopted!

Grass seeds…check your dog after each walk.




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