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Adoption of Sammy, Youna and Ben!

Today we are delighted to see Sammy leave! Sammy was one of 7 dogs brought in to us in July 2018. These poor dogs had been left to their own devices when the owner moved and left them in the garden. Whats more is that they had had little or no socialisation and had been left to their own devices!

Its very difficult in a refuge situation to give dogs like these all the care and training that they need but surprisingly enough Sammy proved to be a very friendly, loving boy who loved attention.

For some dogs the ScPA is a lot better than where they have been and once they realise that they will have regular food, walks and cuddles they settle in fine.

Sammy, like his two brothers Levy and Mickey are weimaraner crosses and are stunning looking boys, but looks aside we do not hide the fact that they need socialisation and training. But these dogs are great with other dogs and have great natures, which is a good start for any adopter!


We always suggest that keen adopters get to know the dogs before adoption and that is certainly the case with Sammy and his new Family. They have returned many times to visit him, walk him and have taken time to consider how he will fit into their lives.

Levy, Sammys brother is still waiting!

Micky, Sammys brother is still waiting too!

Next to leave was lovely Youna, a two year old Tervueren x who was abandoned about 2 weeks ago. What luck that she only had  a little time to wait.

Youna adopted!

Just before closing Ben was also agopted This is great news as his brother Jerry was adopted earlier this week!

Ben adopted too!

All in all a super Sunday and we also had two reservations of our senior dogs which means that we can expect lots of good news next week!







weimaraner cross.

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