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Adoption of Socks

Today was a very busy one at the SPA, with lots of walking, some arrivals (LOTS of arrivals), but also an adoption, which has helped to raise morale. Especially as it is of one of our not-quite pups, by which we mean dogs who arrive when they are no longer cute puppies, but have none of the calmness of an older dog. Those adolescent years can be the worst, can’t they?

Socks arrived at the SPA at the end of September, and it was no real surprise that he was unidentified. Despite the legal obligation, the number of dogs arriving at the refuge without either a tattoo or microchip is considerable. With no way to trace Socks’s owners, it was up to them to look for him. They never came, and so as with all dogs entering the SPA without being officially abandoned, after ten days in the “Pound” Socks was put up for adoption.

At only a year old, Socks’s prospects were good. And add to this the fact that he is very sociable with other dogs and fine with cats, we were hopeful that his wait wouldn’t be a long one. Many people have walked him and so his life at the refuge has been brightened up somewhat, but what he wanted was a proper home. Today a couple came to walk him, and once they had bonded, they introduced him to their jack russell, first on a walk and then loose in the park. The two dogs were instantly best friends and so Socks was off to his new home.

We are very pleased for him. We often worry that our not quite pups risk being pushed back by the arrival of younger pups at the SPA, but Socks did not have a long wait before finding happiness! Many thanks to his new family, and we look forward to news and photos.

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In not so good news, Facebookers may have seen that yesterday’s adopted dog, Clifford, has run away from his new home. As usual a search is underway, and we hope to bring you good news tomorrow.

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