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Adoption of Stewey and Elvira

Today saw the adoption of two more lucky dogs, and in this blistering heat, they are doubly lucky to no longer be in concrete kennels. Of course staff and volunteers do their best, but with limited park space and limited shelter, there is only so much that can be done. And there were four more arrivals today, too, so the numbers, along with the temperatures, are creeping up and sadly both are probably going to continue to rise as summer goes on.

But on to the day’s good news. The adoptions!

Stewey, our initially timid but now extremely¬† friendly fox terrier, has been given another chance in a new home. There have been a couple of people interested in him, but so far no one has taken the time to let him settle in and find his feet. We have always said he needs another canine pal, which he now has. Our only reservation this time concern his relationship with cats; we are told by his previous families that he is not good with felines, but his new owner has watched his behaviour in the cat house and is certain she can deal with any issues. So it is fingers crossed for Stewey; let’s hope this time it really is the right home. He is a lovely boy and so deserves to have stability at last.

brown fox terrier

Stewey – ADOPTED

Second to leave was Elvira. She is a chunky looking dog who arrived at the refuge in early May. She might look like a categorised dog, but one of the measurements doesn’t fall into the scale, so she avoids all the annoying permitting procedure. This is ideal for people who, like most of us, agree that breed specific legislation is nonsense. We usually have a couple of dogs who look like they might need papers but don’t, so if you are looking for such a dog, please get in touch.

In any case, Elvira is a lovely dog, although definitely NOT okay with cats! Her new family don’t have any felines, needless to say, and so everything looks rosy for Elvira’s future.

Brown and white chunky looking dog

Elvira – ADOPTED

Despite the heat the refuge is open tomorrow afternoon, as it is every day. Dog walking is taking place in the mornings for the most part, but visitors are welcome, especially ones who come to adopt!

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