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Adoption of Stewey and Hagrid is back home.

Today we are delighted to see that fox terrier Stewey has been adopted. This little lad had been at the refuge for just short of two months, and we have no idea why it took him so long to find a home. Could it be because of the breed’s reputation, perhaps? Fox terriers are renowned for their feistiness, however Stewey was very much an exception, and had he been inside a different shaped (but still small) body, he would probably have been adopted sooner.

golden brown fox terrier

Stewey – ADOPTED

Believe it or not there are three more fox-type dogs at the ScPA, Jasmine, Spot and Cuba. We don’t know much about Cuba as he has just arrived, but we know Jasmine well, and Spot was brought in by his family for rehoming, so we know a lot about him, too. It will come as no surprise to you to hear that neither of them likes cats, but other than that they are very gentle, and so if you missed out on Stewey, perhaps all is not lost!

There was another leaver today, of a breed that also has a reputation that is often unjustified. In fact American Staffordshire terriers and amstaff crosses have such a bad reputation that their owners require permits and special insurance. Sadly, many owners only get around to applying for these when they are caught out, as it were, and such was the case with Hagrid. He has been at the refuge since mid January, while his owner got the necessary documentation and permits sorted out. However he has visited Hagrid regularly, and this fabulous dog had no doubt at all that he was very much loved and would soon be home again!

brown and white staffie cross
So that make two more lucky leavers this week. Who will be next, I wonder?

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