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Adoption of Tequila

All adoptions are good. Make no mistake, we celebrate each and every one. But it is true that some will always be special, and today’s adoption of Tequila is one such adoption.

This young malinois arrived at the refuge as an unidentified stray towards the end of January. She had parvovirus, which in young or weak dogs can be fatal. In fact Tequila was in such poor condition that as well as having parvo, she needed an operation and was given her name due to her inability to walk in a straight line, as if she was drunk. For a while things looked very bleak for her.

Luckily in early February employee Marion stepped in and took Tequila home to foster . Saying goodbye to any animal you have fostered is hard (many people like myself, who are failed fosters, know this only too well). But saying goodbye to a dog you have nursed back to health is even harder. But after 4 weeks with Marion and her family, Tequila was fully recovered, and needed a home of her own.

The ScPA had to fend off a couple of people who wanted to use Tequila for breeding, and who were not interested once they knew she was sterilised (grr!). But then …JOY. As well as wonderful employees, the ScPA has amazing volunteers and just sometimes everything clicks into place. Catherine and her two girls, Amelia and Florie are often at the refuge walking dogs, and we all know that they love malinois. In fact they considered adopting Goldy last year, but the timing wasn’t right. This time, however the stars were aligned.

Today Tequila left with her new family. Marion is understandably a bit sad, but overjoyed that Tequila has such a wonderful home, and that she will stay a part of the ScPA “family!. Huge thanks to her and also to Catherine and her family. We will get plenty of news of Tequila, of course, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back from time to time to get a cuddle from her foster mum!

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Tequila – ADOPTED


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