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Adoption of Texas

We had the week’s second adoption today. After a surprisingly long wait, Texas left for his new home today. This lovely lad was found and brought into the SPA at the end of June, so he has been with us all summer. But summer at the SPA means good weather, which means lots of walks and playtime in the parks, and Texas has made the most of every opportunity to have fun. He is a very happy dog, who adores people and other dogs. Perhaps it was his stocky appearance that meant he waited so long. But today that was all over and he went, smiling as usual.

In fact a couple of other people had shown interest in Texas recently, so as is so often the case it looks like it was just his turn, somehow!

Pale brown ad white dog


We had the arrival of a new puppy, which might interest those of you looking for a dog who will remain small. This lucky lad has gone home to be fostered with Isa, so she will be able to tell you all about him in due course.

brown fluffy puppy

New arrival – in foster with Isa

We had a couple of great reservations, as well, and plenty of walking was done, so the week is going well so far!

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