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Adoption of Tilly and Ghandi

There was a SPA meeting last night, which got in the way of any plans to blog. And in fact we had an adoption!

Little Tilly arrived towards the end of July and was very thin. We were contacted on Facebook by a member of her former family, telling us that they would not be coming to collect her, as she was the last of a litter of unwanted puppies whom they had been unable to give away. Nice, eh? I wonder what happened to the other pups and what will happen to the next  litter. In any case, coming to the SPA was probably the best thing that could have happened to lovely Tilly. She caught the eye of someone almost immediately, and has gone to a new life, where she will have the chance to do agility training and lots of other wonderful activities. We are all delighted for her, of course.

We had an adoption today, too. This time it was the turn of little Ghandi. His story is not a happy one. He was part of an unwanted litter some five years ago, and he was the only one of the litter to have been given away free to what was supposedly a friend of the family. Well, we assume they are friends no longer, as this little dog was unceremoniously abandoned in a refuge several hours away from Carcassonne, after a life of neglect and mistreatment.

He was spotted on Facebook by a lovely family with three children, and although they expected him to be bigger (yes, photos can be deceptive), he was perfect in every way. So Ghandi’s new life has begun, and we are sure he will soon forget the misery of his early years.

Please don’t forget that the SPA is open tomorrow afternoon as it is the first Sunday of the month. And if all goes well there will be two adoptions taking place!

Black and white hairy dog










Ghandi – ADOPTED

small pale brown dog








Why not come and see us tomorrow?

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