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Adoption of Titou

I must admit to being particularly happy about today’s adoption. However much we try not to,  it is inevitable that volunteers have favourite. In fact I must confess to having lots! Today’s lucky boy, Titou was one. Was it because of his resemblence to old favourite (and now happily rehomed) All Black? Or just because he reminded me of many other black tousle-haired dogs we have had at the SPA over the years. In any case, even while he was in the pound I made sure to walk Titou, added lots of photographs and a video to social media to try and show people what a great little dog he is. Whether or not that helped him find a home who knows, but if not, it was not for want of trying, and perhaps it helped to keep him happy while he was behind bars!

We have no idea why a dog like this should be at the SPA. Just a year old, wonderfully affectionate and full of joy, Titou must have had a lovely home. But ten days’ wait for his owners is quite long enough. Had Titou been identified it might have been a different story. As it is, Titou has gone straight from the Pound to his new home (via a quick trip to the vets) and we wish him a wonderful new life. He is a lucky dog, and his new owners are lucky too!

hairy black dog


So one adoption already this week. Let’s hope we have many more. And fewer dogs brought in for rehoming would be nice!

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