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Adoption of Toons

After a couple of days without any adoptions, today saw the departure of Toons. This young and very lively beauceron cross arrived just before Christmas last year as an unidentified stray. Toons is fine with other dogs, but he needs far more exercise than he could get at the refuge and was quite frustrated a lot of the time.

It can be difficult for any dog to settle into life behind bars, even when there are regular walks and playtime in the parks. As with the majority of dogs who arrive at the ScPA, we have no idea what sort of life Toons lived beforehand, but the chances are he was used to a lot more exercise than he has been able to have at the refuge. And the problem is always the same, the fewer walks a dog gets, the more excited he is to be out, so the more he pulls and the less inclined volunteers are to take him out again. It is a real vicious circle. I don’t know how many times we have told people that dogs do not pull on the lead, only to watch them be towed down the road! Luckily most of the dogs remember their manners with more regular outings, and this is yet another reason why the volunteers are so precious!

Today it looks like all that frustration is over for Toons, as he now has a new home. His new family have been to visit him a few times before deciding to adopt him, they wanted to make sure he would be okay with their children. They are experienced owners, and are confident that they can channel Toons’s energy, and we all hope he will be a very happy boy!

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