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Adoption of Tornade

Today little jagd terrier Tornade left for a new home. She hasn’t been with us for long, but of course it was not her first time at the SPA. She was adopted when she was just a puppy, then brought back when the family moved house and she was just two. The next time she spent just a couple of days at the SPA before being adopted again, but that did not work out either. However this failed adoption taught us a lot more about Tornade, which we hope has helped to make a better match this time.

Just because a dog is small and fluffy, it does not mean that it will behave like a small fluffy dog! Put  Tornade near a cat, and you will see a totally different side to her personality. And although she gets on fine with male dogs (and has been sharing her kennel fine at the SPA, she can be a bit jealous of other females. And anyone who has walked her at the SPA knows that she pulls like a train. Of course being small that is not much problem for most people, but if you are wanting to walk with a slack lead, there is work to be done!

But of course she has many many positive qualities, one of which is that she is adorable! Plus we do know that she loves children, and we do know that she needs a well enclosed garden. And her new family have young children and an enclosed garden, so that is a very good start.

Tonight Tormade will be no doubt having fun with the kids and running round in their garden as her new life begins. Be happy Tornade, and we look forward to news and photos.

jagd terrier

Tornade – ADOPTED

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