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Adoption of Tornado…

The first dog to benefit from our Halloween special offer on adoption fees of black dogs was Tornado! This small terrier cross arrived in March along with 20+ others from a very unfortunate situation in a local village. All of these dogs were traumatised, unsocialised and it has taken many hours of staff and volunteers time to get them to the point that they are ready for adoption. This work has paid off and today Tornado can start life anew at six and a half years old! We are delighted for him and are proud to contribute 50 euros towards his adoption fee!

Over the next 11 days of the offer we hope that both the reduction of 50 euros and the publicity will encourage others to come along and adopt!

Tonight, Id like to highlight another of our black dogs who has been in kennels far too long!

All Black is a gentle griffon cross who will be 2 years old in November and half of his life has been spent at the SPA. He is a wonderfully calm youngster who has regained lots of confidence. He’s still wee bit scared of men and does seem to prefer female volunteers but that just because we have very few guys who come along and volunteer! He is fine with other dogs and has shared with both sexes, he can be cat tested should you have a cat. He could go to the uk and would be tested for Mediterranean diseases, passported, castrated. flea and worm treated!

It’s very hard to tell his size from photos but I would say Labrador size if a fair indication. Can anyone offer this lovely boy a home? Here is the link to his photo album https://www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1009465622429783

Please share All Blacks profile and spread the news about our Halloween offer…we would love to get some more dogs into homes before it gets cold!

Tornado adopted!


All Black..still waiting!


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