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Adoption of Vick

There was one adoption today, that of Vick. He is a beautiful russet brown coloured dog who has just turned 18 months old, but during this time had not known much in the way of love. There are several dogs like this at the ScPA, and at most refuges in fact; fabulous dogs who have been neglected rather than mistreated, and who just need a chance to show people how much they have to offer.

Vick’s new family know that he will need lots of love and patience, and their lifestyle sounds just perfect. They are at home almost all the time, and with their two children, have plenty of time and energy to devote to their new companion, who we are sure, will be just as devoted in return. We wish lots of happiness to Vick and say many thanks to his new family.

russet red labrador cross


Now just a quick word for those of you in the Carcassonne area or further afield, and who are planning on attending the DRC event on Sunday in Castelnaudary. Yes, there was rain last night.  A lot of rain. And yes, there is rain forecast for the weekend. Never fear, however; Chateau Miaou has plenty of covered space, so even if it buckets down, all will be well.

Please don’t let a poor forecast put you off coming out to support us. And not only us; the wonderful people from Cancer Support France will be joining us for the first time, so that gives you twice as much reason to come to see us on what we hope will be a sunny Sunday, despite what the so-called experts predict!

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