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Adoption of Vita

I cannot begin to express how happy everyone is at today’s sole adoption. Although there is one very important step to complete, the departure from the refuge of this puppy marks the end of a very long and sad cycle.

Vita is the puppy of Victoire. This beautiful dog has been straying near to the refuge for several years and supplying the refuge with a regular supply of puppies. Attempts to catch her were constantly stymied by the residents of a certain area of Berriac who have, shall we say, an interesting attitude to stray animals. It was thanks to volunteer Patricia and a team of employees that Victoire and her last remaining puppy were finally brought to the safety of the refuge. And yes, it is safety. Victoire is now sterilised, and the horrid cycle of litter after litter is over. No one knows how many pups have been killed on the roads or otherwise, but perhaps in this case ignorance is bliss. Some of you have puppies from previous litters, and it is heartbreaking to think of their siblings suffering, as many of them no doubt did.

Vita’s start in life has not been the best, as you can see. Arriving at the refuge at the age of 6 months, she had known no human contact. She is shy and timid, clearly with everything to learn, but with her whole life ahead of her.Today she left for a new home with a family who have several cats and a wonderful record with the ScPA, as they also adopted Laly in December, who is now very much loved and very settled. It is wonderful that the same stability now awaits Vita.

Spaniel cross pup


Four year old mum Victoire is still looking for a home, and that will finally draw a happy line under this long and frustrating episode.

spaniel mix dog

And here she is with mum Victoire, who is still looking for a home

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