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Adoption of Zelda

On our blog of May 4th we told you about the adoption, amongst others, of Sultan. Today was the turn of his sister, Zelda. In fact Moira and I had just returned from a walk with this fabulous beauceron cross and her kennel mate and were remarking on what a calm dog she was, when she caught the eye of a a family who were looking to adopt.

Sometimes you meet a dog and just know that she will be easy to home, as long as you can get people to look at him or her. Zelda walked beautifully on the lead and is fine with other dogs; she has made enormous progress since arriving thin and nervous last month. Little did we know that she is also fine with cats, and this is what clinched the deal for her today.

We hope that Zelda has a wonderful new life and we look forward to news and photos of her in her new home.

Let’s hope that this is the first adoption of many this week. A couple of other people were at the SPA looking for a new companion, so fingers crossed!

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