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Adoption of Ziggy (again)

Ziggy was the last dog to leave before Christmas 2018, and when he left (for what was at least the 2nd time), we were all optimistic. A previous failed adoption had told staff more about the dog than they knew before, and this time everything looked good. Sadly he was brought back exactly one month ago today, so it was back to the drawing board yet again for this little lad. I hesitate to say he was no more than a Christmas toy that had been discarded, but that is certainly how it looks.

Ziggy’s only “fault” is that he does not like being alone. Dealing with this by bringing him back to the refuge is hardly the right way to go about things, as of course it merely heightens a dog’s fear of being left alone.¬†However a small dog who is good with other dogs and cats is never going to stay for long, and this time everyone hopes Ziggy has a real forever home.

His new family came to the ScPA earlier in the week, and were interested in two dogs. This is always a tough position to be in; as with yesterday’s adoption of Prune, it is important to make the right decision, for the family’s sake as well as the dog’s. However in this instance the other dog was quite nervous with children, which is not the case with Ziggy. What’s more, all the family felt an instant bond with him, and sometimes that is the key to a happy adoption.

Ziggy went to his new home today and brought a busy week to a very satisfying end. Many thanks to his new family. Much as we love this little guy, we hope to never see him again unless it is in happy photos or for a quick visit!

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