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Adoptions of Austin and Whisky

Well towards the end of what has been a pretty grim week (yes, another), we have two adoptions to tell you about.

Fabulous Austin arrived on July 1st thanks to a family who had found him straying. They had small children and so we could see straight away that Austin was good with kids, which often helps with a rehoming. The vet estimated that he was about 18 months old, and, as with so many of our dogs, it is a mystery where he has been up to now. Austin immediately set about winning hearts, and being so easy on the lead was often out on walks.

Earlier in the week a family came to meet him and see how he got on with a dog who visits them from time to time. We love it when people think ahead like this. As Austin had been living alone at the SPA, we weren’t sure how he would react. So a SPA employee accompanied them on a walk where the two dogs could intereact.

This is just one of many ways we can help you choose the right dog. We are very disappointed at the number of dogs who have been returned to the SPA recently often because their new owners have refused to listen to advice when at the SPA. Please do not just blindly follow your heart when adopting a dog. Listen to people who know the dog or the breed, and please allow some time for any animal, dog, cat or anything else, to adapt to you and your home.

As for Austin, if he is anywhere near as loved and happy as was the family’s last dog (also from the SPA), he is a very lucky boy indeed! Many thanks to his new family.

Today also saw a change in fortune for Whisky! He is another dog who was adopted from us when he was young and brought back in April, at the age of seven, when his owners wanted to move on with their lives. He has been very unhappy at the SPA, unsurprisingly. It has been horrible to hear him barking forlornly in his kennel. We gave him as much love as we could while he was with us, but of course it could not replace a real home. Now he has a new family and we are all delighted for him.

Tomorrow there should be at least one adoption to tell you about, so perhaps the week is not such a disaster after all.

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