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Adoptions of Betty and Vanille

Well, as we said, 2018 is not over yet, and to prove it, today we had two adoptions!

First to leave was puppy Betty. She, like her “sister” Tess, who was adopted last week, has been in foster with employee Vincent, so has not spent any time at all at the refuge. Apart from today, that is when she was brought along to see how she would get on with the family’s other dog, a tiny chihuahua. This little lad didn’t seem too happy, but was it due to fear of being at the refuge, or fear at meeting Betty, who is a very lively lass and, at two months, is already bigger than him!

Betty’s new owner, who knows her dog better than we do, of course, is sure that the two will settle down, and as long as Betty learns to curb her enthusiasm, all should be well.

Many thanks to Vincent for fostering this little lass till she found her new home. We do have inside space at the refuge, but of course it is at a premium, especially now the nights are cold, so we really do appreciate our foster families.

black and tan puppy

Puppy Betty – ADOPTED

Second to leave was “beaglette” Vanille. She actually arrived identified, in great condition and not at all nervous. How could anyone leave a dog like this at a refuge? Those of us (most of us, I hope) who love dogs and get attached to them very quickly, have trouble understanding this each time it happens. But happen it does, and seemingly more and more frequently.

Luckily Vanille did not have long to wait. She was spotted on line by none other than the adopters of Breton spaniel Perceval. They too, are huge beagle fans, and came along to make sure that the two dogs got on (which they did, obviously), then they just had to wait until the pound time was over and Vanille could leave. Today was the day, and we are sure that Vanille has a wonderful life ahead of her.

small beagle

Vanille – ADOPTED

We had several visitors and a couple of dogs look like they could be lucky before the year comes to a close, so watch this space!

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