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Adoptions of Clifford and Len

Today brought joy to Clifford, a young Brittany Spaniel who arrived at the refuge towards the end of September. Although they didn’t arrive at the same time, both he and his pal Boston were left behind in a nearby village when their owners moved house. Boston was happily rehomed¬† last month and today was the turn of his pal Clifford.

It might seem incredible that someone could leave their dogs behind when they move house, but it happens more frequently than you might think. To be fair, usually the owners plan ahead a bit and make arrangements to bring their dogs to the SPA, assuming this is the only option. Leaving them behind is cruel and irresponsible. Lucily it has ended well for both the dogs in this case.

Clifford now has a loving home with a garden and we wish him lots of happiness.

brittany spaniel cross

Clifford – ADOPTED

We didn’t blog yesterday, but in fact an adoption did take place. Not even three weeks after arriving, shepherd cross Len left the SPA today. He and his sister June were found lost in some vinyards by a dog walker who brought them to the SPA. These beautiful dogs, only a year old and unidentified, were not in bad condition and were very well socialised, but no one came to reclaim them. Luckily despite their size both dogs were reserved quickly and Len was the first to leave with his new family. June’s adoption will follow very shortly.

German shepherd cross



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