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Adoptions of Fadista and Lizzy

The week has not ended, as the SPA is open for a special Sunday in honour of the patron saint of animals, St Francis of Assisi. But so far this week we have had at least one adoption each day, which is quite rare.

Today it was the turn of two more. First we said goodbye to Fadista. Yes, we have said this before, and his last adoption did not work out. But this time we have fingers and paws crossed. Despite his teddy bear-like nature, Fadista has a very protective side to his nature, and introductions to new people have to be done very carefully. His new owner has a very similar profile to Fadista’s most regular walker, volunteer Esther, and so we are hoping that Fadista adapts to his new freedom with confidence.

big brown dog

Fadista – ADOPTED

Next we said goodbe to Lizzy. Not a name you know, perhaps. This sweet spaniel cross arrived not quite three weeks ago, and we haven’t really had time to get to know her as well as other, more demonstrative dogs. However that hasn’t prevented her from catching the eye of a SPA visitor, so off she went.

black and grey spaniel cross


We had a couple of reservations too. Let’s hope for yet more good news tomorrow. As we said, the SPA is open, and even if you are not planning to adopt, there are always dogs needing walks and cats needing cuddles!

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