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Adoptions of Igloo and Sofi

Today amongst the continuing heatwave, we can report on two adoptions, meaning two more dogs are in the (relative) cool of new homes.

Moira has done a wonderful job while I have been away, but today is a good day for me to get back on the horse, as I was the one who brought the first of today’s adoptees, Sofi, to the refuge. Sofi and her brother Kris were found by me and my early morning walking group at the end of May, and both dogs soon became firm favourites of everyone who met them. So why were two such fabulous dogs left (unidentified) to fend for themselves? We will never know, but they were in the “not quite pup” category, and perhaps they had just grown bigger than expected (or desired)

Both dogs are beautifully socialised and wonderful with other dogs, all the key “requirements” for a quick homing. Except they are big, and black. And that was not all. When the dogs were neuteured it appears that both had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic. Kris was less effected than Sofi, who was rushed back to the vet for emergency treatment and a period of observation.

You can read about the possible cause of this in this article which was sent to me by my walking companion the human Sophie after whom Sofi is named.

Sofi is lucky to have found a home despite a positive (but uncertain) prognosis, and it is a truly wonderful home, with a woman who is already well known to the ScPA…the adopters of Rockett! Many thanks to them.

black dog in water


Second to leave today was Igloo, a jack russell who was brought to the refuge having been found. Small dogs tend to find homes quicker than large ones, and true to form, Igloo has left the refuge quickly. Jack russells are not a breed for everyone and it is important to find a family who really wants the character of a big dog but one which is trapped in a small body. As with Sofi, we wish Igloo a long and happy life in his new home.


So some good news to greet my return, and hopefully more on the way.

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