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Adoptions of Jack and Bolide

There were two adoptions today, one of a small dog who everyone knew would find a home easily and the other of a dog who risked staying for a long time, but who hit the jackpot after a relatively short time.

First off was Jack. He is a young shih-tzu who was brought in for rehoming last week because his owner was moving house. Although this is a very strange reason for rehoming a dog, especially a small one, it is obvious in such situations that the dog is better off finding a new home, and luckily for Jack he is just the sort of dog that attracts attention. Lucky boy! His new home looks ideal; a woman who is retired and so is at home all day to cuddle her new companion.



Second to leave was Bolide, a shepherd cross who arrived in mid July. Although he is a very handsome lad, this is just the type of dog who can spend a long time at the refuge. This is for no particular reason, apart from that dogs like this have nothing to really distinguish them for all the other dogs of their size and type.

This is one reason why it is always worth chatting to staff and volunteers. They are the ones who know the dogs best and they can steer you towards some of the many hidden gems. Better still, why not walk any dog you are interested in, and get to know them a bit. This is just what Bolide’s new owner did; he has been along several times to get to know Bolide and today was the day when he finally took his new pal home.

We are delighted for him and wish both him and Jack a long and happy life with their new families.


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