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Adoptions of Kansas and Bang

We had two adoptions today and both of them are cause for celebration.

First to leave was Kansas, a puppy who has been at the refuge for way too long. He was the last remaining puppy from the Wizard of Oz litter, and he, like us, must have been wondering if his turn would ever come. He is now five months old, and if you bear in mind that he and his siblings arrived at the SPA in mid June, you will see why!

Today a young couple came to meet him, and I think it is the first time he has been on a walk without another dog by his side. It was heartbreaking to see him standing confused by the refuge gates and then lying in the road outside, scared to leave a place that to him represents safety. He wasn’t to know that there is a whole world out there. All he needs is love and patience, and today he found a family with plenty of both. Be happy, little guy!

Kansas – ADOPTED

Next to leave was Bang. In Tuesday’s blog I mentioned that all our volunteers crack sooner or later, and end up adopting. However what happens when a volunteer cracks, but for various reasons cannot take the dog? This is sometimes due to incompatibilities with other animals, or because there is no room at the inn. For Bang it was both!

This little boy has been with us since February, when he and his 4 siblings somehow escaped from the abandoned warehouse which was their makeshift home. Ingrid adored  Bang from day one, but integrating him with her dogs was just not possible. So there was that problem. Then she and Marjorie adopted another refuge dog, meaning that there was no room either. This meant that Bang has had to wait for another home, although his time at the refuge has passed doubly quick, as he has been out on walks and day trips on a regular basis, courtesy of Ingrid, naturally!

On Saturday Ingrid introduced Bang to a family  and they fell for Bang straight away. Today he left for his new home and although Ingrid will be sad, if we can’t adopt a dog ourselves, the next best thing is to find them a wonderful home, and this is what Bang now has.

small tricoloured dog


More good news is due tomorrow, so see you then!

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