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Adoptions of Lascar and Candy

Well, we didn’t have as long as last week for our second adoptions but not far off. Things really are slow at the moment, but two adoptions today makes it a bit better than last week, so far, at least.

First to leave was a dog whom none of you will know. He hadn’t spent a single night at the ScPA before finding a new home. Yes, Lascar is a very lucky dog. He was brought in by his owner for rehoming today, and as luck would have it, there was someone at the refuge looking for a husky. This gentleman had actually come to meet Texas, but he has a cat, and Texas is really not at all good with cats (he blotted his copy book again big time today in the cat house). Lascar, however is fine with cats, so no sooner had he arrived than he was off again!

This shows once again that dogs who are brought in by their owners have a far higher chance of being re-adopted quickly than dogs who are just dumped. Not only did Lascar not have to wait for ten days in the pound (in case his owner was looking for him), but his owner was able to tell us all about him.

Lascar – ADOPTED

Today’s second leaver was Candy. She arrived last week along with her two pups, Sugar and Spice, who are currently the subject of a DRC “guess the breed” competition. Yesterday a family came looking for a small lively dog, and Candy was just perfect. Although quite nervous when she arrived, this little pinscher soon gained in confidence, especially when she no longer had her pups to defend. They, too, are much less nervous and will surely find homes very soon, too.

mid brown pinscher


So another week is nearly over, with just one more day to make up for the dearth of adoptions so far. Of course Sunday’s Yard Sale at Chateau Miaou will raise morale whatever happens, but it would be nice to have some more happy dogs before the week is out, too.


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