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Adoptions of Macaron and Chipie

Today we said goodbye to puppy Macaron. He arrived as one of a litter way back in July, and he is the last of the siblings to leave. We have a feeling it will be worth the wait, though.

Victoria follows DRC from her home in the UK, and when she spotted him online last month, she asked about adopting him. We explained about TRACES, and how it would mean keeping him for 3 months at the refuge, which is unfair on a young pup. Unless she was willing to come and collect him, that is. Next thing we know, she has hopped onto a flight to come and meet him! It is true, you don’t often see pups like this in  the UK, and especially not in rescue, but all the same, that is showing quite some dedication. Two weeks later and Victoria is here again (in a car this time) to finalise the adoption.

It really was love at first sight, and we can’t help but admire Victoria in her determination to adopt the puppy of her dreams. Yesterday when she set off in a borrowed car was the first time she had driven on the right side of the road. Clearly nothing was going to get in her way!

Macaron is not able to leave France yet as the rabies vaccination is not yet valid, so he will spend a week or so in a B+B  getting to know his new mum. She has promised to come and visit before they head off together back to the UK.  Okay, not everyone is able or willing to go to such lengths to adopt, but it is nice to hear such stories from time to time! And what a lucky pup he is.

Macaron – ADOPTED

We had another adoption as well, that of a dog who arrived very recently and had really good luck in being adopted so soon. Chipie was brought into the Pound just ten days ago, and the people who found her said that they would love to offer her a home if her real owner did not reclaim her. Today her pound time was finished, and true to their word, back they came to adopt this lovely shepherd cross. That is a fairytale ending for her, too.

shepherd cross

Chipie – ADOPTED

Elsewhere Team Dog Show have been hard at work getting ready for Sunday, and the newly named Camemberta has been checking out the agility course. Macaron might be joining us too, so if you want to see in real life this little lad who stole Victoria’s heart, this could be your chance.


Camemberta checking out the agility course

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