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Adoptions of Puppy Aquila, and ex-Puppy Helios!

Today puppy Aquila officially left for her new home. We say “officially” as she had been with her new family since last weekend, and was just waiting for the end of her pound time for the adoption to be finalised. As mentioned numerous times, unless we have proof that a dog has been abandoned, he or she has to spend 10 days at the SPA or (if they are lucky) in a foster family before leaving properly. However on this occasion and without going into too many details, we were pretty sure that no one was looking for Aquila. And Thomas and his family was happy to take her knowing that there was a tiny tiny chance that she would be reclaimed. Already Aquila (now renamed Mika) is a much loved member of the family, and her eventual projected size, up to 45 kg, is not an issue. Is this why she was abandoned, we wonder? In any case, things could not have turned out better for her.

There was another adoption today, too, and much ensuing celebration. After two and a half years, Helios has found a home. This small griffon cross was adopted when he was a puppy (he was named Eduard and was part of the Twilight litter, along with recently re-adopted Bella) and brought back in June 2014. Now almost four and a half years old, Helios has found a home which he will share with 12 cats! Luckily we are sure that he is fine with felines, as he has been living in the cat house for some time, due to a recurring problem caused by soggy paws.

So two lovely adoptions to start the week. Let’s hope the wild and windy weather relents a bit and that there is more good news to come.

Aquila (now Mika) ADOPTED by her foster family
black puppy










Helios – ADOPTED after more than 2 and a half years at the SPA

pale griffon

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