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Adoptions of Rémi and Bridou

Two really wonderful adoptions took place today, so although the SCPA is very full and the weather  is scorching hot, there is something to smile about this evening.

First off we said goodbye to everyone’s everyone favourite puppy, Rémi. This little lad is the last of his litter, but as we so say, often the last to be homed has the best luck of all. And this seems to have held true yet again. Rémi is an exceptional little pup; whereas other pups would run and play wildly, he appeared to be quite pensive. Many people thought it made him appear sad, and there is a French cartoon character called Rémi Sans Famille (homeless Rémi), which added to his reputation. It is very easy to fall in love with pups like this, and it didn’t take volunteer Sebastien long to loose his heart to little Rémi. He himself has a full house, with his dog Phoebe and SCPA foster dog Balou, but Sebastien knew his parents would adore Rémi, as of course they did.

Today the adoption was completed and we are all delighted for this gorgeous little boy.

Rémi is no longer “sans famlle” – ADOPTED

Today’s second lucky lad is Bridou. He had been a DRC urgent appeal; he arrived as a “not quite pup” and as such we were concerned that he was going to be left behind. Since his arrival we have got many more “not quite pups”, but at the time Bridou was the only one. He is a great lad, but he arrived in April at the age of four and a half months and time was passing with no sign of a home.

However one of the employees has been looking after Bridou and has decided to take the plunge. So Bridou now has a wonderful new home with someone whom he already adores. Fabulous news for a really deserving dog.

big puppy

Bridou – ADOPTED

Finally the old yellow labrador whom we named Tattoo, was reclaimed. He arrived on Thursday and his tattoo really was very hard to read. I have no idea how his owners were traced, whether they saw his photos on Facebook or if it was thanks to detective work by the refuge or its supporters, but it might well be no coincidence that Carole “just call me Sherlock” is back in the hot seat today!

yellow lab


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