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Adoptions of Shiva and Safora

There was no blog yesterday because the adoption that was due to take place was delayed until today. And the very good news that we were hoping for has turned out to be a reality, but you will have to wait until next week for that.

But today we had two adoptions. First to leave was lovely Shiva. She arrived a couple of weeks ago with her sister Kalia, both dogs having been found in a local village. They are still puppies, so presumably they are the result of yet another unwanted litter. Shiva was sterilised, so the cycle has been broken! Her new family came to collect her today and there were smiles all around.

black dog with white chest


Our second lucky leaver was little Safora. She arrived in mid September and has proved to be a real favourite. Sociable, joyful and unusually for dogs of this type, she is not at all nervous around people. Today a woman who had recently lost her beloved dog to a sudden illness came to meet Safora who had caught her eye on the internet. It really was love at first sight, and Safora has a lovely life ahead of her, by the looks of things. No, a new dog can never replace an old one, but they can certainly help with the healing. Be happy, little Safora.

tricolored griffon cross

The ScPA is open tomorrow as usual on a Sunday, so why not pay a visit?

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