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After over four years, Connord leaves the SPA

Tonight we have massive news! Many people thought this day would never come, but we all held out hope. Connord has finally left the SPA. Believe it or not this magnificent dog arrived in June 2013!  This is longer than any other dog by some way, and of course we are over the moon.

Connord’s case was quite particular, as he is an American Staffordshire Terrier, meaning that special permits were needed before he could leave. Admittedly he is LOF (ie pedigree), and hence Category 2 (a defence dog), rather than Category 1 (an attack dog), (ha ha ha) but the administrative steps are equally cumbersome. Finding the right person is always the most difficult thing of all, and it is not for want of trying that it has taken Connord so long to find a home.

Technically he is in a long term foster, due to his age. Connord is now just short of ten years old and four years in the SPA, even with the luxury of living in a park, have taken their toll. Although apparently in great health, Connord is no longer a young dog. However to all intents and purposes he has been adopted.  He will love his retirement and really deserves it.

Connord is much loved by many at the SPA, but especially by volunteers Alizée and Erwan, who have walked him religiously during the whole time he has been at the refuge. And by sheer coincidence they are leaving for a new life in Paris this weekend. What a relief it must be to them to know that Connord is safe and in a loving home before they head off.

If Connord could speak, he would doubtless say thank you not only to them, but to everyone else who has looked after him while he has been at the SPA. And he would say a huge thank you to his new family, as do we all!

Black and white staff

Connord – ADOPTED after over 4 years

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