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Sofi| A258

Sofi labrador crossFemale, Young, Medium

I think this is the first time I have written the following words on this website; I found this dog and brought her to the ScPA. Yes, on my morning dog walk with my dog-walking pals Sophie and Christianne, we found Sofi and her brother Kris lost and terrified. I brought them straight to the ScPA and surprise surprise they were not identified. Terrified of the lead, both dogs are hugely affectionate and wiggle up to meet you, both displaying fabulous dog body language. Sofi is the smaller of the two and our guess is that she is a lab/ groenendael cross, with the latter’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Sofi is a lovely girl, she needs some training, particularly when is comes to the lead, and appears to have seen nothing in her life so far. But she and Kris have all the makings of wonderful family dogs. Please do not let them stay at the refuge for too long, just because they are black.

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  • Needs some basic training
  • Lovely nature
  • Looking for an active family

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