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All they want for Christmas is free…..

Everyone loves presents, even dogs. But what does your dog really want for Christmas this year? Does he want a new bed? How about a nice shiny collar? Perhaps a new sporty harness? Unlikely, but luckily for us all they really want is free!

One major thing a dog craves is attention from his favourite people!

Now at this time of year we are all really busy with present buying, cooking and cleaning but the best thing we can give our dog is a little extra time.

Most people ensure that their dog gets a walk at least once a day, but why not add a sniff walk for him in the evening. Just have a wander around, letting them sniff at will, you have no idea how much pleasure that this gives them, and that lamp post or tree holds a wealth of information for them. Or how about a few of their favourite games?

Treat wise a little turkey or chicken will be most appreciated but do be careful with treats that are often left around that can really harm your pet, especially gifts you put under the tree. Many a dog has helped itself to edible goodies when their owner is not looking! Chocolate and mince pies are not advised and be very careful where you put these cooked turkey bones. Cooked bones can splinter and be very sharp and the last thing you want is a trip to the emergency vet on Christmas day!

On checking my Christmas list, I see that I still have 4 dogs and 9 cats to buy pressies for so it’s off to Pets at Home for me tomorrow.

If you are planning a gift for your pets what are you buying?

Dont let this be your dog…





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