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An adoption, a grand day out and an anniversary

After a few days of much activity but no adoptions, today we said goodbye to Athena. She was one of a group of five dogs who came to the SPA having been found living in the garage of an empty house. Her life has changed enormously with today’s adoption; this five year old girl now has a forest on her doorstep and lots and lots of love. With the exception of Bang, who is a bit nervous (but getting more confident all the time at the SPA), these five dogs are absolutely adorable and are constantly seeking love and affection. We are pleased that Athena has a home and hope the same for the remaining three, Bang, Boris and Mitch.

pretty pointer cross

Athena – ADOPTED


Followers of the SPA Facebook page will know that today there was a Grand Day Out. A group of dogs went to a local lake, where they splished and sploshed about in the water. It must have been wonderful for them, especially as we had another hot day here. Many thanks to Sebastien for organising the walk, and to everyone who took part. The lives of the refuge dogs is far more varied thanks to such outings, and it is one of many ways that volunteers can help out.

dogs walk

Today’s excursion

On the subject of ways to help out, we also have a big anniversary today. It is eight years today since the adoption of German shepherd Ozzy. Sharon and husband Willie are still great supporters of the SPA, but back then Willie was doing some volunteer welding at the SPA. The refuge was a very different place back then, and nervous boy Ozzy was considered  unhomeable. He was due to take the one-way trip to the vets. This is unthinkable now, but at the time it was horribly common. I was given a week to find a home for Ozzy. When they heard about this, Sharon and Willie did not hesitate; they offered Ozzy a lifeline and he is now a much-loved member of their family. I see him whenever I visit them and he always gives me a special cuddle.

German shepherd

Ozzy – ADOPTED 8 years ago today

Sometimes we need stories like this to remind us just how far we have come, and that good days or bad, we much never give in.

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