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An adoption plus a miracle for Marcus.

Some more excellent news today, with the departure of two more dogs.

Marcus was brought back to the SCPA in mid January to the shock of everyone who remembered his adoption all those years ago. After more than 2 years at the refuge, everyone thought he had a home for life. However the couple had since had a baby, only to find out that Marcus was not good with children. They tried to rehome him but this didn’t work out, so coming back to the refuge was the only solution. Sad for Marcus, who is now over eleven years old. And this is already a good age for a dog of his size.

Luckily, as we said earlier in the week when we heralded the departure of elderly Bouboule, the ScPA has some amazing followers. Dany got in touch to say that she hadn’t really planned to take another dog, but just felt she had to help! And we are so grateful that she did! Earlier in the week she came to the refuge with the the most “difficult” of her dogs to see how she would get on with Marcus. Once it was clear that those two were okay, Dany was confident that the others would accept him as well.

So this morning Marcus left for a foster family. This is just amazing news for him. He is a great dog and we know that he could not be happier than he will be with Dany. Huge thanks to her for offering Marcus a lovely place to spend the rest of what will hopefully be a long and happy life. We already have photos of him in his new forever home, and it looks like he belongs!

Marcus (with Dany) – long term foster

Second to leave today was Marcelou, now renamed Barney. He has gone to live with Nikki, who got in touch with DRC having followed us for many years. The time was now right for her to adopt another labrador (she has had four up to now) and a couple of them at the ScPA caught her eye. Marcelou was the first one she took out, and straight away she knew he was the one. And he seemed to feel the same; he had to be prised off her lap. And he is not a small dog!

Nikki came back today to collect her new boy. He recognised her immediately and it looks like the love affair is set to continue. We look forward to seeing pictures of Barney in his new life.

Marcelou (now Barney) – ADOPTED

There was lots of sunshine, lots of walks and a couple of reservations, too, so it was a great day.

By the way, Eline from Animal Trust got in touch early today to let us know that the dogs arrived safe and well, and from Facebook comments, it looks like there are quite a few folk keen to go and meet the new “Frenchies”.

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