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An Easter excursion and adoption of Skip

Welcome to the first blog of the week. Yes, the SPA was shut yesterday, but as usual some volunteers took some time off from eating pancakes and chocolate and devoted their afternoon to walking some of the refuge dogs at a local lake. They had a wonderful time, by all accounts, so chances are there will be more such excursions in the future. Many thanks to Sebastien and the rest of the team.

Three dogs enjoying an Easter excursion

Now, onto today. As you know we always love it when a dog is adopted by a volunteer. First of all it means we know that the family are real dog lovers, and secondly of course it means we will continue to have news. So we are delighted that little border collie pup Skip has been adopted by volunteer Sylvie. He arrived ten days ago, and due to the arrival of yet more puppies, we were worried that he would be left behind. Yes, the new pups are indeed stunning, but so is Skip! Many thanks to Sylvie. She is quite smitten, it must be said, and we can all see why. Skip is a fabulous lad and already a much loved member of the family. Skip has been renamed Spike after the “good vampire” in Buffy, by the way.

black and white border collie pup

Skip (now renamed Spike) – ADOPTED

Two other dogs were reclaimed; nine year old Tequila, who arrived on Thursday and who had a tear-jerking reunion with her loving owner today, and Gawa, who was just as delighted to be back home.

elderly shepherd



big beaceron cross


Now let’s see what the rest of the week brings us. We all hope that Bowling turns up safe and well. If only he had waited long enough to realise what a wonderful home he had found, this dog would have never left!

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