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An Easter Miracle for Griff

At long last, Griff has a home! This is the amazing news that we hinted at yesterday, and sure enough, there was not long to wait before finding out who the lucky dog would be. DRC has been trying to help Griff find a home for some time, and his photo and his story has been shared far and wide, but for some inexplicable reason, no one has been interested in him. This handsome dogs has been at the ScPA since October 2017!

To recap; Griff and his siblings were locked in a garage for their first two years, until their owner finally relented and brought them to the refuge. Naturally all were unused to human contact, and socialising them was very much a labour of love, carried out by employees and volunteers.  Griff made slower progress, but he too has become a different dog since making it to safety. Why no one wanted to adopt him remained a mystery, however.

But then came the miracle he had been waiting for. Audrey, a member of the ScPA board decided to open her home and her heart to another needy soul. For those of you remember, she adopted Phoenix, a griffon / border collie cross whom she had seen being abused by his owner on almost this very day in 2014. Now it was time to expand the family. And wanting to adopt a dog who needed her, Audrey and her partner chose Griff.

brown and white griffon cross


So yes, this boy has had a long wait, but Griff’s problems are well and truly over. His ScPA “champion”, Phil shed more than a few tears as he left, whilst at the same time knowing that Griff could not possibly be any happier, and of course that we will get regular photos and news.

Just look at his face, as he leaves the refuge!

So it was a fabulous Easter Day for one dog, and as the refuge is open tomorrow too, maybe the Easter miracles are not over.

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