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An Upcoming Event

Today I and a few other volunteers took part in a press conference concerning an upcoming event, organised by the Carcassonne Children’s Council. The newly elected members, who are all aged about 7, have chosen as their first activity to do a collection for the SPA. ¬†Today we launched the pre-event publicity. I will upload a poster when one is available, but on June 18th and 19th volunteers will be on hand to accept donations (food, accessories, anti tick collars etc) for the SPA dogs and cats in the centre of Carcassonne.
Here is photo of two of our young volunteers, Megan and Marie, each with a SPA dog. They chose Lucky and Baileys as both are used to people and are good poster dogs for the SPA. Having said that, excitement got the better of Lucky and he left a present on the floor. The “situation” was dealt with efficiently by another volunteer, and I don’t think any of the press photographers managed to take a picture in time. Phew!
Meanwhile at the refuge there were two new arrivals but two dogs were reserved. I will save news of their adoptions until they actually leave (don’t want to jinx anything), so watch this space!

Megan and Marie with Lucky and Baileys


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